Our Furry Family!


Hope Mascot

Gillie is a pygme goat. She was rescued by Dr.Sherrock after being injured shortly after birth in July of 2017. She was paralyzed in her hind end and couldn't use her back legs. After much love and physical therapy she started to gain use back. Gillie won the hearts of the Hope family and traveled with Dr.Sherrock to and from work. She is a sweet girl who loves her momma and anyone who scratches her horns. She comes into Hope occasionally still, but she prefers playing in her backyard with her brother Duke.


Exciting New Challenge

Fauxhall, formerly known as Frost, is a new addition to Sam and Clay's family. She is a Red Fox. As cute as she is, she is a lot of work. They require more attention and care than a dog or a cat. They need to be on a special diet as dog and cat food do not provide her the nutrients she needs. Foxes are difficult, some may say impossible, to potty train. Fauxhall lives with two cats and only wants to play with them. They aren't so sure about her, but accepted her well. Sam and Clay took on a new adventure learning and caring for their new sweet girl!


Hope Hugger

Duke is a sweet boy who was rescued by two amazing people. So amazing in fact at one point they had a total of 5 Shar Pei's in their home trying to find them their forever homes! Duke came in routinely for ear issues so the Hope family got to know him very well. He was just so good at giving Hope Hugs and greeting us, Dr.Sherrock decided to keep him! He hasn't met a person, or pet, he doesn't like. He loves being outside and his sister Gillie. When you need cheering up, Duke is there to give you his dopey smile and a hug.

JB (Jelly Belly)

Clinic Cat Looking for a Home

I'll roll over for a belly rub if you offer! I came in rough shape but have improved tremendously. I have feline herpes which can be managed easily. I have sneezing fits but they are much better than they used to be. I need a little extra supplements on my food to help keep me healthy for the remainder of my life.

For more information on adopting me, contact Sam!


Clinic Cat Looking for a Home

I am a sweet girls who craves attention! I have a heart condition called dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM), so my heart doesn't work the way it should. I also have some dental problems that prevent me from grooming, but there is a risk to fix them because of my heart. I will require lifelong medication and some extra TLC for the remainder of my life.

For more information on adopting me, contact Sam!