Haha, get it… Tails.. Hope.. like tales but about pets so its tails… and hope, well you get the idea.

Tails of Hope is our blog we will post to every month! We will be giving tips and advice on all things vet related and sharing some success stories as well.

A Song of Fire and Hope

July 2018

This month we will start with a true tale of hope.

You hear of those horror stories of homes catching on fire, but never think its going to happen to you. It’s not something you could be prepared for. I couldn’t imagine what it would be like to witness my home going up in flames with all my belongings lost to its chaos. Once you’ve accounted for all your two-legged loved ones, you start to dread where your furry friends might be.

Luckily for Kitty, she used one of her nine lives to pull through this tragedy. She was found by a local firefighter and at that time she was unresponsive. Instead of giving up on her, Kitty was immediately put on oxygen and her miraculous recovery began. One of the firefighters remembered that there was a veterinarian who lived close by and used to volunteer with them many years ago. You guessed it, our amazing Dr. Sherrock.

Dr. Sherrock and the firefighter rushed Kitty to Hope and called in some help from the team. By the time Kitty got to the clinic she was responsive but still in a critical state. Although she was already showing improvement, the battle was far from over. There were no burns present, but smoke inhalation is very serious and can be deadly. It damages the lungs and makes it difficult for oxygen to bind to the red blood cells. Taking a breath is extremely painful and laboring. It doesn’t just affect the lungs, muscles get weaker and brain damage can occur with lack of oxygen.

Kitty’s first night was the scariest. It was a long night and she needed immediate attention throughout it. She made it but still had a long recovery ahead of her. Her chances of survival increased every day. Dr. Sherrock stayed with her for an entire week making sure she got the care she needed. Kitty started eating and drinking and even giving some sass when we did her physical therapy. Her back legs weren’t quite 100%, but she could walk across the room and use the litter box on her own by the time she left Hope. Kitty made an amazing recovery and was able to go back with her loving family that cared about her dearly.

Not every story ends in a success and its cases like this that keep us going through those tough times. We try to do everything we can to help our furry friends who can’t help themselves.