Burial and Cremation


We partner with Tails To Remember Pet Services to provide care for your departed friend.

We can arrange for them to meet you here, you to meet them there or we can transport your pet and they will contact you directly.


Or, If you prefer, you may to take your friend home for private burial. You may bring a favorite toy or blanket to place with them as we prepare them to go home.

Peaceful and Compassionate Euthanasia


The decision to euthanize is often the most difficult decision a pet guardian will ever make. We all wish our little buddy will pass peacefully at home. But, sadly , this is not the case and many owners often miss the signs that their pals are suffering. We as guardians are tasked with striking the delicate balance between waiting too long and deciding too soon. In reality it is rarely too soon; but, unfortunately, due to our emotions and grief we wait too long. Setting our friends free is the last true caring act of love we can give them. At Hope Veterinary Care, we understand the concerns and emotional roller coaster you experience when faced with this difficult decision; our family can help you assess your pets quality of life and walk with you as you make that hard decision. We offer gentle, compassionate euthanasia in our office; we also offer home visits for established clients. You may chose to be present, but if you prefer to say goodbye first, rest assured that we love on all the pets as we release them from this life.